As we all know cycling is a sport that improves our wellbeing just like any other sport. But sometimes we all need to be re-freshened with those facts that explain what and why is it good, even if they very basic.

In times where people aren’t exercising enough, eating badly and are being submerged in lots of unnecessary digital entertainment we need to get out and live this beautiful life and why not doing a bit of cycling.

Ten facts that are good enough to make you jump on your bike for some healthy entertainment and wellbeing.

  1. Improves mental wellbeing by releasing adrenaline and endorphins.

  2. Better lung health as its been proven by the Healthy Air Campaign from the Kings College London that cyclists experiment less exposure to air pollution in a city than a bus driver or a pedestrian. If you cycle in the countryside then you are on to a even better result.

  3. Eliminates extra calories consumed.

  4. Cycling reduces cancer risk and developing heart diseases.

  5. It doesn’t affect our joints as much as high impact sports such as running.

  6. It builds muscles around your glutes, hamstrings, calves and quads and by having more muscles than fat your body finds it easier to burn fat even when you are not exercising.

  7. Cycling improves our sleep not only because we are getting tired by cycling but also because exercise kills anxiety making us sleep easier and also the fitter we are the better we sleep according to latest research by the University of Georgia.

  8. It boosts our brain power by increasing cerebral blood flow.

  9. Improves spacial awareness and body handling, therefore more confidence to handle our bodies in specific situations.

  10. Improves your immune system by the regular aerobics exercise.

So let’s drop our car keys and grab the bikes for more exercise and improve our lifestyle for good. Your body will thank you and so will the environment !

If you want to try it in style join us next 30th March 2019 on our first E-cycling retreat & Wellbeing in Tuscany with Susie Romei-Bown and Milena Fabbri.