There is a growing consensus in the scientific world that working long hours is totally unproductive and harmful for employees. We have also been hearing recently the phrase “work smarter not harder” and as we are in the age where automations and digital technology are doing a lot for humans, that phrase couldn’t be better applied.

We humans, need always some down time to stop, think and create in our psyches to foster innovation and be more innovative in the work environment.

Here are some reasons of why we should take or send our staff on a Yoga retreat:

1 - Yoga Retreats refocus employees - With the practice of Yoga people start focusing on the now and making this practice a sustainable one in the workplace will help them and the company in the long term. According to a research carried out by Vouchercloud with 1989 UK office workers, revealed that workers only focus and are productive in the work environment for only 2 hours and 53 minutes, with trawling news websites, social media and cigarette breaks as the main distractions affecting workers productivity every day.


2 - Offsite events encourage bonding in the work environment - A recent study by the MIT’s Human’s Dynamic laboratory concluded that work teams that communicate directly with each other are more productive and creative. The fact that socialising away from the work place and going through experiences together plays a significant part in the increment of efficiency at work.


3 - Employees feel valued - By investing in your employees outside of the office environment the reward will be that they will be happier and more committed to the company. At the end of the day, you don’t normally go on a Yoga Retreat or are gifted one by somebody! According to a study conducted in Britain by the Social Market Foundation and the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy, happy workers tend to be a 12% more productive at work.


4 - Perfect opportunity to reflect and brain storm - This can be the perfect scenario to reflect and think out of the box in a neutral environment which can make a real difference for employees and even employers.

5- Increase good working attitude - By giving an incentive of this character to your most valued employees, where they will experience rest and relaxation, Yoga to balance their body and minds and being nourished with the most healthy and amazing food, you will boost their morale and they will return fully energised with a smile on their face ready to do their best for the company and will try to achieve another incentive.

Published by Experience Retreats