the origins

Experience Retreats was born out of the desire for finding our "ikigai", a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being". An invitation to be honest with ourselves to release the inner purpose.

It's pillars guided us through an organic process using our main interests and passions as the building blocks.

So we “Started Small” curating our Yoga Retreat Venues collection to help the Yoga and wellness industry nurture those that are in need of “Releasing Oneself” from their everyday in order to find their true reason for being or simply disconnect from their busy lives through witnessing and experiencing the “Joy of little things”.

The aim is to provide authentic escapes that allow meaningful, mindful and enriching experiences whilst focusing on the “Here and Now”.

Balance is essential in life and in our bodies. Yoga is the backbone of the experiences that we curate. A discipline that can provide equilibrium between mind, body and soul.  Combined with genuine activities and support that will provide “Harmony and Sustainability” to local people whilst shaping our lives in beautiful locations allowing us to relax and appreciate.

The end result, everlasting memories that sparked positive changes in people’s lives.

Our Team


Ale Romei & Susie Bown  -  Co-founders 

Ale is a natural creator and Marketing Specialist that loves art, design and travel. Also, a beach, nature lover and eco-warrior who is very enthusiastic about collaborating with others, discovering new places and experiences. Susie is a certified Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Instructor who oozes good vibes to all around her and believes Yoga is the best way of reaching our body and mental wellness.

Since the beginning of their relationship they've been looking for that special venture that could involve both their strengths and after a long search and learning along the way Experience Retreats was born. A combination of their passions; Yoga, Travel and discovery and authentically designed & styled properties were the right factors for the equation they were looking for. With this in mind, and collaborating with various experts in their fields they have started curating experiences that can potentially shape positively people’s lives.

As they say, we are beings shaped by the experiences we go through in life so why not hand craft events that can spark positive outcomes.


Tatyana Prolesko



Tatyana is a very energetic and positive professional with many years of experience in real estate, property investments and travel industries in Europe and Asia and directing her travel business in the Seychelles. Also, a lifestyle blogger and serial investor in properties and wellness ventures across the world, now working closely with Yoga studios and retreat venues in Europe, Asia and Africa.


James Chapman


James is an award winning filmmaker and photographer with a passion to tell stories and inspire people to reach their potential. He believes that by sharing knowledge and collaborating, that together, we truly can make the world a better place.

James is the director of Paisley Productions Ltd, a creative content company based in Manchester, UK.




Sabrina & Barbara

Sabrina & Barbara are the beautiful souls that created our amazing Yoga Retreat Venue in Tuscany. Both sisters have built an oasis of authentic Tuscan style on the footsteps of the renaissance town of Pienza and their energy has made the place a truly magical experience for all those wanting to come on a retreat and live the beautiful activities we have to offer.



Filipe is the custodian of his Vineyard Estate that has been in the family for more than 200 years. His creativity and passion for his heritage has brought the estate to the XXI century creating some fantastic wine already cherished amongst the best Portuguese producers and industry in general, and has also turned the old property buildings into a fantastic Yoga retreat venue in Portugal preserving the authenticity of the Algarvian architecture adding some beautiful shabby chic design touches to make of this gorgeous abode the perfect place to enjoy the peace of the Portuguese countryside.



Emma is the face of our Yoga Retreat Venue in Sri Lanka, a Yoga instructor that oversees all bookings and Yoga retreats coordination within the wonderfully renovated countryside house at the foot of Victoria Lake and in the heart of Sri Lanka. Emma will make you feel at ease from the first contact and will help you with all your requirements in order to create a fantastic retreat for you and your guests.

Screenshot 2019-08-07 at 15.34.01.png


Jake is the founder and co-creator of our Yoga Retreat Venue in Costa Rica. A lightning of positive energy that has given birth to a fantastic Retreat Venue that can give your guests the experience of a lifetime. He visualised his dream organically with his investors and partners and created a sanctuary for the improvement of humanity. At home in Maui, Jake discovered the powerful relationships created in the intimacy of the environment of “Home” so he decided to co-found with some other light souls our Costa Rica Yoga Retreat venue for all Yoga and other discipline masters to share their wisdom.


Fenton & Franny

Fenton & Franny are the amazing people behind our Yoga Retreat Venue in Andalucia. They manage and fill up with positive energy a very stylish Spanish cortijo that is turning into well known retreat heaven in the south of Spain. Fenton is a Reiki Master and a Holistic Masseur and can provide his services to your guests during the retreat if you wanted to add some more pampering to the experience. Franny is a Yoga instructor with lots of experience teaching in Spain and the UK.


Tara & Jonathan

Tara & Jonathan are the creative and enterprising souls that created the fabulous Yoga Retreat Venue in Olhao, a sanctuary, a place to reconnect with a slower, seasonal way of life, and with a genuine community of creative, like-minded souls. Together, they have an exceptional ability to create everyday magic sharing all their knowledge and fantastic places that Olhao and the Algarve have to offer. Their mission has been to help you share your magic in their beautiful abode.


Louis Albert

Globally known as “Le Prince Jardinier”, Louis Albert has embraced the best that nature has to offer to create a fantastic oasis next to the rice fields of Comporta and the Atlantic coast. His authentic Portuguese summer residence decorated with an eclectic but natural style, is a truly eco-friendly paradise to reconnect with the environment and its vibrations making it the perfect Yoga Retreat venue in Comporta. Through a constant dedication to preservation of our environment and biological agriculture he is constantly inspiring everyone to reconnect with our mother nature roots and respect what she has given us.